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HCL 'IT City' in Lucknow will create more than 1000 jobs in a year

Do you have any idea, what is the most crucial factor that can boost up the economy of the country as well as its business front?  You may think of many aspects such as the education level, urban and rural development, health-care facilities, social growth and development, economic and political aspects, business scenarios- all these can bring a stable economy. But since we are talking of stabilizing the economy; the business front has to be paid the greatest attention, which includes the IT industry. Recently, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Akhilesh Yadav and Shiv Nadar, Founder, and Chairman of HCL and Shiv Nadar Foundation had addressed the trainees of HCL campus that would be coming up in the IT city of Lucknow.

Creation of 1000 jobs for Lucknow residents in a year. Source: HCL
The IT industry is one of the booming industries in today’s era. It has captured the entire country and without this sector life is unimaginable. These days, every sector of business is dependent on the IT industry. On the 13th of April, 2016 the first batch of HCL that would be set up in Lucknow had been addressed by the CM of UP and the Founder-Chairman of HCL. The crowd that witnessed the inaugural ceremony consisted of 150 trainees for the first batch, faculty members, parents, the leadership team of HCL, officials, ministers as well as bureaucrats. This initiative by HCL in Lucknow would lead to employment generation and would provide 1000 direct jobs in a year along with an indirect job creation of the same magnitude.

The Chief Minister of UP considers it to be a great achievement for the state as HCL would soon be setting up its campus here in Lucknow itself. Various other companies are approaching and coming forward to set up business in the state capital. This, in turn, would bring a huge amount of growth and development in the state. The state government is highly committed to bringing  economic growth, and development and provide a wide range of opportunities for the upcoming generations.

Also, Uttar Pradesh has the largest amount of population, so it will be highly advantageous for the state where it will have a large amount of productive workforce. A large population would mean that the availability of skilled workers would be more, that would boost up the overall state development. The setting up of HCL campus in Lucknow would help in strengthening the state and bring in new opportunities for the workforce.
  • Various policies have been improvised that would favor the investment within the state.
  • Steps have been taken to provide the basic facilities that would encourage investment.
  • The government is trying its level best to provide economic development as well as more opportunities to the young generation of the country.
  • Setting up of HCL campus in Lucknow itself would boost young graduates to work in their hometown itself.
  • This kind of initiative by HCL would give the young generation a job opportunity as well.
  • The government needs to frame various policies to boost up the IT investment.
While addressing the crowd Shiv Nadar, the founder, and Chairman of HCL Technologies mentioned that HCL has always aimed at achieving progress, growth, and development of the state. Also, a large number of quality talent pools are available within the state. The HCL Lucknow campus can surely contribute a lot towards the entire IT industry both at the national as well as the global front. The continuous and unhindered support of the UP government can surely help achieve this dream. The vision and mission of HCL Lucknow are to create job opportunities in the state. Also, HCL Lucknow aims to achieve gender equality in their workforce i.e. 50% of the employees would be women and the local residents would be given preference.

Shri Akhilesh Yadav expressed his gratitude to Shiv Nadar for setting up the second campus of HCL in Lucknow, the first campus being in Noida. The investment meetings that had been held in Mumbai and Agra had appreciated the IT policy of Uttar Pradesh. By inviting HCL to invest in UP has proved to be very beneficial for the state. Hence, we find that very soon Uttar Pradesh will gain grounds and be one of the largest IT hubs in the country. The continued efforts of Akhilesh Yadav will very soon bring unprecedented growth and development within the state.

Article by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. 
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