Monday, 30 May 2016

Confused about where to eat in Delhi?

What’s up, people? Hungry much? Or confused about where to eat in Delhi? Here I am your savior. So many places, so many varieties yet we are indecisive about where to really try. Well, I will tell you about a small market in Delhi with the finest food options and quality and the best part? It is pocket-friendly. Any guesses? It’s Satyaniketan, near the south campus of Delhi University, famous amongst the college goers and youngsters. Few cafes like Up town Café, Big Yellow Door also known as BYD and 2 Bandits are a must try. But my personal favorite and the one I will talk about in this blog is café Hera Pheri.

I recently visited this place and fell in love the moment I entered. The entire set up and the ambience is so different and beautiful. All you see around is people laughing, hanging out and galloping the delicious food. The place is a little small but the staff members including the manager are very sweet and helpful. The time you ring the bell on your table they are there at your service.

I have visited BYD and Up town café but this place attracted me the most. This place and the ambience can literally cheer up your mood. Also, when I say it is pocket-friendly, believe me, it is. I went with my friends and we tried strawberry shake (it is good), oreo shake (I bet it’s the best), meat lovers pizza (as the name says, all the chicken lovers must try this one, it has a unique texture and goes with the name with salami, sausages and chicken chunks in it), tomato salsa fries (so different yet so mouth watering) and the Punjabi tikka burger (looking at the green bun I was confused whether I ordered something wrong but then as they say don’t judge the book by its cover, likewise it is the yummiest burger I have had till date).

For all the vegetarians, there are a lot of options too and the classic margarita pizza is a must try, trust me it’s like heaven on earth.  It's worth and after eating when you look at the bill you fall more in love with it. Also, they have different ways of giving you the bill. We got the bill in a case with a door and the people next to our table got it in a box.

Unique, isn’t it? Everything in Hera Pheri is amazing the only drawback is that it is too small, so you have to wait for a while for your turn. Even if you are thinking of throwing a party, I highly recommend this place and you won’t regret it either.

Written by Chayanika Singh
Unique name right? Well, I am a big time foodie and a travel junkie but I also love to write about serious issues and problems all over the world. Sometimes my write-ups will be of great joy and sometimes they’ll make you think about issues.
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