Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Blue Eyes Technology: Take a leap towards your future

Today when the whole world is miniaturized in a internet based work area, people find it tough to get up and get things done on their own. They want a easy going life with being less physically active so they are solely dependent on technologies. Starting from a scratch and building up to be a millionaire technology provides us with every facilities. We are very much surrounded by technical stuffs. Among these technology there is something that can draw our attention to a different levels.
This is "Blue Eyes" technology.

How perfect it would be if computers had perceptual and sensory abilities!! But as the world expanded a lot in this era this so we can obviously expect such inventions. Blue eyes is a technology which allows our computer’s hardware to to have perceptual abilities. The computer can establish a proper conversation with the users, it can interact with us and very importantly it can sense the emotions of the users. The name “Blue Eyes” has been provided to the technology as blue refers to the wireless Bluetooth communication media and eye movement enables us to obtain various important and useful information’s so it has been ended up with the word eyes. It of-course gives a new horizon to the computing world and facilitates the millions of users using the technical devices at their home and workplace as well.

Blue eyes technology makes our PC to listen talk and even scream as well. The system can easily sense your presence and start interacting with you.

The technology embedded in this unique invention includes:

  1. Emotion Mouse which contains pressure sensor, heartbeat sensor and temperature sensor.
  2. Manual and gaze input cascaded (MAGIC) which reduce the cursor movement needed for target selection.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Speech Recognition in which input words are matched against the internally stored words and user could speak through microphone.
  4. Simple User Interest Tracker which notices user’s eyes where it actually focuses on the screen. Example: if you are reading the headlines it pops up the story in the browser window.
  5. Eye Movement Sensor is a personal area network for linking all the operators and the supervising systems.

Data security

The users even don't have to worry about the security mechanism. It has a different level of data security which is required.
  • Only the registered mobile devices could connect.
  • Bluetooth connection  authentication is required.
  • Bluetooth connection encryption
  • Access rights restrictions. 
These are some of the concrete security procedures that makes this technology even more different and unique. The blue eyes is used in automobile industries, power stations, operating theatres in hospitals, video games and dozens of places all around.

 I personally think and conclude that this innovative technology will cover a very long distance and set milestones for the technical era. The gap between the physical world and technical world could very easily be reduced to a large extent and the system could be provided with implicit commands rather than inputting explicit commands.

Written by Juhi Kashyap
She can be reached at

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