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Anything 500: An initiative to support Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the latest buzzword these days globally and especially in India. India currently ranks 3rd in the world when it comes to Startups. Some time back, whenever  we used to think of Startups; Flipkart, Zomato, Snapdeal,Paytm etc used to dominate our minds. One thing to note is that the founding team members of all these Startups are male entrepreneurs. But the scenario is changing gradually, with many of the top-notch positions of world class MNC's being bagged by women executives, the Startup world too is now being flooded with a lot of enthusiastic and innovative women entrepreneurs. Shraddha Sharma, the founder of Yourstory is a well-known name and then, there are much more names to follow. Anything500 is a Startup which aims to help women achieve their dreams and come them see to life.

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These days, we have got numerous options when it comes to online marketplaces. You think of any product, and there are giant marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues which cater to all the possible requirements. Similarly, you also have specialised online marketplaces which are focussed on specific products may it be clothes, automobiles, and even shoes etc. But one thing, where the scenario is still struggling is the services for micro-entrepreneurs. Anything500 provides a reliable platform and acts as an aggregator of service providers covering a wide-range of scope. It also acts as a great way for college students,home-makers, and senior citizens to do something productive with their available time and monetize their talent and offerings.

As the name suggests, Anything500 has an upper price capping of Rs.500 for any service that micro-entrepreneurs wish to use from various service providers. The service providers get paid Rs.400 on successful completion of the service they provide and in the case of any disagreement between the buyer and the seller, Anything500 comes to the rescue and refunds the amount charged.

Anything500 has certainly simplified the process of finding the service providers with a tap, also reducing the headache of deciding and burgeoning for a price. The range of services includes web designing, logo creation, creating graphics, animations, market research, financial and legal consultation , customized gifts, web-traffic, business branding , programming and IT support, social media and much more. It is truly a much-needed and hassle free app for finding the right service providers along with the recommendations/reviews from the previous buyers who have used their services.

Anything500, is the brain-child of Mr. Porus Arora, CEO, and Co-Founder at Anything500. Driven by the cause and vision of streamlining freelance services, he co-founded Anything500 to bridge the gap between service providers and seekers in the most reliable, transparent and efficient way.

Written by Sudhanshu Ghosh
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