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A proud moment, as Manzil Saini becomes the first woman SSP of UP capital Lucknow

In India, since the time immemorial, the issue on women empowerment still remains one of the most sensitive topics. It is also considered to be a universal issue till date. Although the country has progressed in technological advancements but when it comes to women, they are still underprivileged and barred from many outdoor activities. In our society, women empowerment is a very significant topic of discussion. This issue has become so widespread and viral that it is the women who are ultimately facing the disastrous consequences. In spite of this inequality, there are many women who have succeeded and done well in their lives and have emerged out with flying colors. Among all, one of them is Manzil Saini Dehal, who has been appointed as the first woman SSP in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Having the first woman SSP in Lucknow, the entire state as well as the state capital is filled with honor and pride. It is also one of the proudest moments for Manzil Saini to have reached this position. Rajesh Pandey who had been attached to the DGP office has been replaced by Manzil Saini. Manzil Saini, an IPS officer of 2005 batch has been known to serve Etawah and Mathura as the police chief. Manzil Saini was posted as an ASP in Moradabad. This was her very first posting where she tried to win the hearts of the people there by working honestly and serving the citizens. Being a daredevil, a tough officer and having the ability to withstand the political pressures, she has very diligently cracked the Amit Kumar kidney racket scam in India in 2008. By undergoing this daring act, Manzil has saved a lot many lives of people who were in danger. The cracking of this racket is worth applauding and since then she has been termed as the super cop of UP police.

Manzil Saini, being the SSP of Lucknow will be very beneficial for the state from all rounds. Not only she is a tough and daring officer but also she has the ability to handle the very tough and complicated situations within the state and maintain the law and order. But have you ever thought,how will the citizens of the state react to this; on appointing Manzil Saini, a woman as the SSP of the state capital. In this male dominated society, the people here look upon the male police officers for safety. They think that women are incapable of doing such field works. But the evidence says that women can prove out to be far more efficient than men. The example of Manzil Saini depicts a clear picture on this issue. Appointing a woman as the SSP will not only help the state but also it will provide security of the highest degree to the women citizens . Addressing women issues would be much more transparent and comfortable.

Also, there is another district in Uttar Pradesh that witnesses an all women administration, showing their capability to handle all the aspects of an efficient administration. Unnao is the very first district in Uttar Pradesh which has an all women administration. In a country like India, where gender discrimination and inequality still dominates, it is very rare to hear that the entire rein of power is in the hands of women. On the appointment of Neha Pandey as the police chief, the Unnao district has come into the limelight and is now in the headlines. She is a 2008 batch IPS officer. The Unnao district has all women in-charge including government officers, health, police, district administration, district magistrate, Chief medical officer, chief development officer, district probationary officer and many more top posts . For the Zilla Panchayat also, a woman has been given preference for the position of chairperson.

Hence, from the above two examples, it must be very clear to the entire world that, in India and particularly in Uttar Pradesh, the situation for women safety and security is becoming better. The society needs to accept this fact that women can serve their country in the same manner as a man does, either by being a police officer, an SSP, an ASP, Police chief or holding any other position that would directly serve the country and the citizens. The gender discrimination and equality gap needs to be reduced so that there would prevail an equal ratio of men and women in the workplace, and in all the sectors of any working environment. The above two benchmarks of Uttar Pradesh displays  very inspiring and motivational success stories of women which can encourage the upcoming generations to be like them,pursue their dreams and  serve the state and the country responsibly.

Article by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. 
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