Friday, 20 May 2016

5 portals that Art lovers cannot avoid to explore

Art is a synonym for imagination and creativity. How you see the world, expressing your emotions what you feel without speaking or we can say it's another way of conveying the message to people around.

Although there are a lot of websites that Art lovers regularly visit, here is the Top 5 list of my favourite websites, that I personally curated from over hundreds of them:


Everybody loves shopping. Shop something you have never since. Is painting your hobby? Would you love to buy paintings from an art gallery? Here is an art gallery for you in one click. Cheerkart helps you to choose the painting for your home, go and explore more.


Love sculptures? Wanna decorate your home with the same? Here is the painting and art website for you, where you can get lots more by the wonderful artists and not only this much, if you are an artist then you can cooperate with Indiaart and decorate others world as well with your imagination.


What are you waiting for? Go and be the part of the Auction. It is an Auction house for the Indian Arts, just go and bid higher for your favourite Sculpture, and painting, and own it.


Turn your home into a beautiful art gallery by the awesome paintings, that would attract you and also the people around you. Let the art reflect your personality. Great art is in your hands and probably with a click on Artflute.


Not only Art lovers but also Art creators, this is the platform for you whether you want to Buy or Sell any of your work and show your love for Nature, Culture, Tradition, Lord Krishna and much more.

I hope these suffices your thirst for Art, feel free to comment if you come across more such portals.

Written by Lavika Agarwal
She thinks Success does not come from never making mistakes, but by never making the same mistakes twice.
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