Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Why are they called man's best friend?

Dogs as we know are the most loyal creatures on earth and can be a man’s best friend at all times. The gleeful wagging of the tail and a friendly bark makes a man feel as one of the most important person in the world. For a dog the man is the entire world for him. The affection that a dog shows towards his master knows no bounds. The wagging of the tail and a lovely care and affection from the dog can make a man forget all his stresses. A dog at home makes the home a most welcomed place on earth.

People feel relieved and forget all their worries when they receive love and care from a dog. In return, a dog demands only love and affection from his master, and nothing else. They are the most loyal creatures on earth. They are selfless and just want the well being for their master. Being loyal and true at heart, a dog protects his master as well as his property from thieves and intruders. They are a source of ultimate stress busters and bring happiness in the house.

But here in India it is seen that dogs who do not find home live in streets and hence are known as stray dogs. These stray dogs have increased so much in number that the municipal corporation must develop centers where these dogs could be kept and provided with good food. This would not only help the city people but also improve the health of the stray dogs. It is the role of the government to look into this matter so as to provide better homes for the stray dogs. The health of a dog should also be of prime importance. They must be vaccinated regularly.

But we have seen that a dog will never hurt or bite you until and unless a person has caused harm to a dog. They always want the well-being of their master. A little bit of love and care from his master can make him wag his tail. Good food is also a motivation for a dog. Health checkups must be done for the dog and proper care should be taken. There are various breeds of dog that one can keep in his house. Different breeds of dogs require various kinds of treatments. Few dogs will need very high and sophisticated treatment while a few very less amount of treatment. Thus we see that a dog is more faithful and loyal that any other creature on this earth. Even man fails to show this degree of loyalty as much a dog can show.

Article by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. 
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