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Value Education: Why is it important?

What do you mean by value? Value can be anything good, bad, best, worst, and beautiful. It can be associated with any kind of adjective that can be used to describe it. From the point of economics the value of anything can satisfy the human needs be it physiological or psychological. Human beings have various kinds of needs that differ in the value systems. These values can help man evaluating themselves. Without value life becomes meaningless and will be monotonous. Values add a meaning to one’s life. It is these values that can help a man lead his life.

Value Education class once a week at Sri Kumaran Children's Home. This happens in a sitting called “Circle Time”. (Source:
Anything that satisfies a human need becomes thereby a thing of value. It is the value that governs the human behavior. Now, when the topic of value has risen so let us talk about the “concept of value education” which is one of the most crucial matters in today’s era. Any kind of good education that shapes the personality of a human being is surely considered to be a part of value education. A value education can shape a man in all dimensions including intellectual, social, moral, physical and spiritual. But in today’s era it has been observed that the level of education which today’s generation receives does not focus on all these dimensions.

Talking about developing a value based education in today’s children, emphasis lies on the effective objectives of education i.e. development of social, moral and aesthetic sides of personality.  It is the role of education to integrate and bring all the dimensions of the personality together and then inculcate within each and every child. The concept of value education is supposed to be instilled within a child from the very beginning itself. It is the responsibility of the school to look into this and adopt the concept of value education. This will not only help the present generations but also the future generations of the country because the children of today are the future generations of our society.

The society of India expects to promote its values through education and desirable changes in a child’s way of thinking and feeling. The value education implies that something worthwhile is being transmitted and is morally acceptable. The value education calls for a correct teaching and learning of the subject. Teacher’s guidance should be conducive to a student such that there is a value development within the student in the minds as well in their heart. Thus it has been intended that the students should be educated in values.

Article by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. 
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