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Top 5 Best Places To Visit in India During Summer

1. Ladakh - Jammu and Kashmir

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Located at the altitude of 9,800 sq ft and ranging from the Himalayan to the Kunlun ranges, this place resembles the imaginary pictures of heaven. It is very sparsely populated and it is indeed one of the best dreams for any biker to ride there. It is deeply influenced by the Tibetan culture.

2. Dharamshala - Himachal Pradesh

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Located at an altitude of 4,780 sq ft, it is one of the most preferred destinations to visit in summer. Apart from the scenic snow-clad forests, this place also has a  spiritual essence as the great Holy leader Dalai Lama resides here. With the essence of Tibetan culture as well, this place is very famous for having foreign tourists in great numbers.

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3. Auli - Uttarakhand

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The summer temperature in this snowy paradise ranges  from the 7 to 17 degree Celsius. It is also called as the Skiing capital of Uttarakhand, there are various skiing courses ranging from 7 days to 14 days. Various trekking options are also available here for single day tourists.

4. Darjeeling - West Bengal

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Located at an altitude of 6,710 ft, this hill town carries the legacy of colonial holidays as well as modern infrastructure. You can mesmerize yourself in the sprawling tea estates and get excited travelling in the toy trains. Snow clad mountains, forest and flowering plantations and religious monasteries/shrines, this place serves as a perfect destination to unwind from your routine city life.

5. Conoor - Tamilnadu

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It is located in the Nilgiri Hills and a favourite pick for those who want to enjoy the nature’s gift with peace. You can also unwind yourself with cheese-making in the 22 acres wild organic wild cheese making farm stay.

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