Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Now you can also hear an Animal's noise when you Google them

Google has added a really cool and fun feature wherein if you search for animal noises you also have the option to listen to them. These would be a really fascinating activity as Parents would now be able to enthral their kids by making them hear sounds made by their favourite animals.

Currently, the results contain the sounds of a Horse, Raccoon, Humpback Whale, Ape, Moose Elephant, Sheep, Owl, Tiger, Bowhead whale and the Moo sound. Let us hope that the list gets longer and we get to hear the sounds of many more animals . It would definitely add up to the delight of the kids and sometimes even to the curiosity of their parents.

If you enter the search term as animal noise, the first set of results that would come is as below:
Recently during the Cricket World Cup T20, Google used to display the scores in the similar fashion and update them in real-time. It has been also promoting the Google app aggressively through TVC’s.

Being the King of search engines, we welcome these steps of Google entering the foray of accurate information and content as well.

Article by Rohit Jha
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