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'Kung Fu Panda 3' becomes the highest opening animated film in India

Although, the movie took its own sweet time before hitting the Indian theatres; days after its official world-wide release; but it was so worth the wait. As Po embarks on yet another quest for awesomeness (reuniting with a long-lost family and teaching KungFu to the clumsiest of brethren)- this movie has driven  home the fact that you are never too old to watch an animated movie. I exited the theatre with an ear-to-ear grin that remained glued to my face all day long- the movie was simply that good.

According to the report by IANS, the film which released on 1 April, 2016 in India, collected Rs.2.1 crore on its opening day followed by Rs 3.4 crore on Saturday and Rs 4.6 crore on Sunday — totaling to Rs.10.1 crore.

The reunion of the dad and son duo is under the most funniest of circumstances- as Po takes over Master Shifu’s duty of teaching the Furious Five and hears about him  getting beaten in the dumpling-eating record by Li, who later turns out to be his dad.

Hong, the goose who adopted Baby Po is hardly able to conceal his jealousy which results in elicits in its wake another roar of good old laughter.

As the adorable protagonist visits the Panda Paradise, he learns to live the easy life, including the art of snoring, sighing, munching a twig while leaning on the balcony to look at a setting sun, and to just go rolling down a mountain instead of walking. And, of course, to relearn the joy of just eating, without watching.

The village people, especially the coquettish ribbon dancer - Mei Mei, are sketched with the utmost care for detail and are well-rounded characters possessing an aberrant amount of warmth.

Meanwhile, trouble continues to brew at the side as an old enemy of Master Ooogway, Kai, has come back from the spirit world to take over the Jade Palace. Kai has been capturing the ‘chi’ — the spiritual energy that exists in all living beings — of all the kung fu masters in China, and becoming more powerful. As the village the art of KungFu to prepare for the threat ahead and the reluctant leader is called upon yet again to play the hero; things get fun.

Lastly , the movie gave something to the audience to commit to the memory with the conversation exchange between with Po’s two fathers- Li and Hong. As Hong tells Li that “I realised that sharing Po with you didn’t mean less for me but more for him”; you know this golden quote is going to stick in the history of Hollywood for a long time.

All in all, the movie was an epitome of perfection, although lacking a little in some aspects- it more than compensated with the quick paced-storyline, the easy humour and a dash of adorable pandas sprinkled throughout the movie- and that, in my opinion, is a mighty good bargain.

The ‘Weight’ for ‘Po’ is finally over. Don’t miss this fun-filled, action-packed conclusion to Dreamworks endearing animated series- cause it’s so worth a watch.

Article by Rishibha Tuteja
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