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Israel's formidable contribution to world technology

Israel is a country best known for its conflict with Palestine, but there’s much more to the country than war and religious hostilities. Israel’s contribution in the world of technology has been immense and for some reason grossly understated.

Intel Pentium and Celeron computer processor chips from personal computers (desktops, laptops and notebooks) as these were either developed or manufactured in Israel. Intel also invests in new research MICA, its new electronic trendy wrist gadget, has been developed in Israel and is soon to hit shops around the globe.

 Note that the revolutionary new Ivy Bridge processor will be manufactured in Israel. Windows XT operating system was developed in Israel. All current Microsoft operating systems are heavily reliant on its Israel R&D Centre. It should also be noted that a significant of the Business Intelligence surrounding the ‘Cortana’ element in Windows 10 was developed in Israel.

Anti-virus software and personal firewalls originated in Israel. The algorithm (code) that’s used today for sending e-mails was made by an Israeli who worked at the Ben-Gurion University in Be’er-Sheva in 1980.

Mobile phones, as this technology was developed in Israel, where the first mobile phones were manufactured. Mobile chip technology from a single Israeli company has now been installed in over 100 million devices. However the use of SMS (Texting) facility was developed in Israel.  4G devices can be used, as the chipset is Israeli. Israeli companies invented the voice-mail system

 Facebook has many in-built and add-on applications that are Israeli-developed. Do watch videos on the Internet as the platform used to upload them may be from AOL and hence from an Israeli company. Books using an e-book as this may contain Israeli technology.

First data storage usb device was from SanDisk and was developed at Israel’s storage technology R&D center.

Diabetes – measure or inject Insulin using the devices developed by Israeli scientists.
Dyslexics benefits from the Israeli Internet-based reading system.
Colonoscopy or gastro investigation does use internal Israeli cameras such as the Pillcam. The first artificial heart transplant took place in Israel.

Finally, all major dental treatment, as your teeth may need to be scanned with an Israeli-developed dental scanner.

Many credit or debit card has the Security monitoring system used by the credit card companies is likely to be Israeli. There is a lot more contributions from this Jewish country. We should be thankful to the great minds of Israel for making our life simpler.

Article by Rishibha Tuteja
Last minute Blogger, fangirl by profession. A Bibliophile by heart,Tech–Enthusiast by choice.
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