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How has the tie-up between UP Govt & BMGF improved HealthCare?

Do you know the most important thing  that must be developed so that the state remains healthy and well functioning? The answer is obviously the well-being and sound health of the people. The health care facilities for the citizens and adequate availability of nutrition must be high enough so that the citizens do not face any lack of availability of facilities that at a later stage can affect and degrade their health. Recently, the co-chairman of BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Melinda Gates had a meeting with Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh regarding the MoC (Memorandum of co-operation) that has been signed between the UP state government and the BMGF foundation.

With the help of this memorandum, the foundation has established a joint venture with the UP government that aims at improving the health care facilities to the citizens of the state. Various private and public sector health care centers and NGO’s will be set up by the BMGF foundation, the main purpose will be to provide an unhindered health-related facilities in the areas of maternal, child care and neonatal, regular vaccinations, and all kinds of other diseases. Other than improving the health care systems, it will also ensure proper agricultural facility and provide financial aid and assistance to the poor sections of the society.

The EMTS (Emergency Medical Transport Service) popularly known as 108 Samajwadi Swasthya Seva had been launched in the year 2012 and has a fleet of about 1488 fully equipped ambulances deployed across Uttar Pradesh (according to Govt data). The partnership of BMGF and UP government aims to achieve sustainable development within the state which in turn will lead to an overall development and betterment of the citizens within the state.

Few areas in which this tie-up between BMGF and UP government will be working has been highlighted below:

  • The infant and maternal mortality rates are to be reduced.
  • The IYCF (Infant and Young child Feeding) policies are to be strengthened and expanded.
  • Proper levels of financial aid and assistance will be provided to the weaker sections of society which will help in their upliftment.
  • Technical and Management support will also be provided by BMGF and a team will be formed that will report the problems to the state health ministry.
  • To provide a better quality of life to the citizens in terms of health care services.
  • Maternal and child health will be the main area of focus limiting the unnatural deaths of mothers and child during birth.
  • Vaccination and immunization must be the core area because many diseases crop up due to the lack of vaccination facilities. Free health check-up camps must be organized from time to time that can keep the people healthy and safe.

Uttar Pradesh is the state that has the second-highest infant mortality rates in India. In 2011, it was reported that only 16 percent of the entire child population had been fully vaccinated. Also, the rural women suffer from chronic energy deficiency lacking the essential nutrients thus in turn leading to nutritional deficiency. The BMGF foundation will also develop innovative solutions that will provide easy access to health care services for all the citizens of the state. These solutions will cover a wide range of nutritional and health care services.

Earlier in 2010, BMGF had signed a similar memorandum with Bihar and now it is the second time where it has again entered into a joint venture with Uttar Pradesh investing over a billion dollars in the country to ensure its development. Thus, it will provide the most needed facilities and rights to the women and girls of the state. Not only the women but also the rural citizens will be uplifted through this tie-up between BMGF and the state government. Thus, this partnership between the two will help and uplift the citizens as well as the state. Such positive steps definitely ensure a path towards a brighter future.

Article by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. 
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