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How Entrepreneurial Behavior, Motivation & Achievement are intertwined?

Do you know what behavior is? Have you ever thought about it? We often say that he/she behaves badly or his/her behavior is very good but how can we express it. Behavior is nothing but a manifestation of what a person thinks feels or acts. Any entrepreneur is a creative person with a good behavioral background. Human behavior is always directed towards the satisfaction of needs. Whatever a person feels or thinks is visible through his behavior. He may display some kind of action that makes others think about his behavioral attitude thus leaving an impression on others mind may be good or may be bad.

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Entrepreneurial behavior is the result of entrepreneurial motivation. Motivation is an inner spark or desire that can help us to satisfy our needs or requirements and through this motivation factor one can direct his behavior towards his goal. Entrepreneurship always revolves around risk taking, accepting and facing challenges, high levels of curiosity, need satisfaction factors, knowing the relationships between various concepts, decision and problem solving ability, striving hard towards the goals. These factors mentioned above displays the behavioral characteristics of an entrepreneur.

A human being must always be motivated to strive towards their goal. Being a human being one cannot work continuously like a machine. There must be some motivation factor that can cause him to work so as to achieve the required goal. A man has self-respect, dignity, values and emotions as well as a status in the society. Keeping these in mind the organization should always motivate their employees so that both the demands of the employee as well as the organization is satisfied side by side; because a man cannot work continuously for a long duration without any motivating factor or cause.

Achievement, what is achievement and when one can achieve his or her desired goals. Obviously when one is being motivated or one is interested in his or her duties. Entrepreneurial achievement is always a major factor for the enterprise. Organizations always want profit and success but on the other hand they also need to motivate their employees because the success of an organization lies in the hands of the employees. Any kind of motivating factor can always alter the behavior of an employee. The achievement factor is always dependent on the employees. An employee will always want success in his life so he/she must work to the fullest so as to achieve success both on the individual as well as the organizational front.

 But there is a factor of monotonous life that may be introduced at a later stage in the life of an employee and it can pose future threats both on an individual and industrial basis. Thus to avoid a monotonous job for an employee, he or she must always be motivated which can alter their behavioral characteristics and that will directly affect the profit and success of business organizations because it is very well known that it is the employees and the entrepreneurs who form and constitute the organization.

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