Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hallwaze Launches its New Messaging App HALLWAZE BEATS

Hallwaze introduces a new Real-Time instant messaging app for its users to facilitate communications on the go.

21st April, 2016: 
Hallwaze announces the launch of its new instant messaging app HALLWAZE BEATS for private and group chat. This  app is exclusively designed for corporate communication and is now added to the Hallwaze Communication Suite for all kinds of Enterprises. The app also features the  Off the Record (OTR) security, which allows users to send self-destructing messages that get purged in few seconds. The search feature helps you to find your colleagues that are online to start a conversation while allowing you to add unlimited participants in a private chat on the fly. The app has no limitation on the number of people in a group. It is compatible with iOS and Andriod platform.

Organizations today need to adapt to be agile and responsive and hence it has become a necessity  to have tools to connect instantly and get the required answers wherever they are. Hallwaze new messaging app also takes care of a secure network for group and private conversations tailored exclusively for enterprises. The app features an OTR toggle switch that allows you to have private conversations in a secure environment in case of any sensitive information but needs to be shared instantly . This removes any chances of message leak it information breach and making the channel suitable for confidential and instant information sharing.

The app not only allows the employees to be connected globally but also provide a central place for information sharing which can be taken as a point of reference later on. This app being easy to use and  extremely user-friendly, it can prove to be a very efficient conversation platform saving lot of time that is spent  in office meetings or in drafting long emails. The App is available on both Mobile and Desktop and the chat is in real-time sync with the web for users to access information from anywhere or from any device.

Hallwaze messenger app is available only for people using Hallwaze app in a corporate circle. Anybody outside your office circle does not have access to the messenger making it safe to have all kinds of conversation among your office circle without the fear of data leak. The app also allows to add or remove participants instantly without creating any extra group.

We are always innovating our technology to be able to provide our customers services that save time and are user-friendly. Our effort with this app is to help people stay connected with work and other colleagues without worrying about security and privacy”, says Mr.Saif Ahmad, Founding CEO of Hallwaze Inc.

Article by Sudhanshu Ghosh
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