Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Area 120, the In-House incubator of Google may lead to new disruptive Start-Ups

Google, the king of Internet search and other services is planning to start an in-house Start-Up incubator. This  would be aimed at fostering the entrepreneurship dreams of the super-talented googlers. Named as Area 120 , the programme would allow the employees to devote 20% of their work hours for their own creative and disruptive innovative new ideas as reported by  The Information.

Image credit: Bloomberg
Employees will pitch their innovative ideas and plans to Don Harrison, the vice-president of Google’s corporate development and Bradley Horowitz, vice- president of streams, photos, and sharing. If accepted, employees would be able to devote a certain number of hours and needless to say, they would receive the invaluable mentorship and possibly funding from the Internet giant.

This move can be speculated  as a great way to retain the top talent of the organization  who move on to start their own companies or join other start-ups at lucrative positions. Some of the Ex-Googlers have already created remarkable start-ups in the technology sector. Evan Williams founded Twitter and Medium, Kevin Systrom founded Instagram and Justin Rosenstein co-founded Asana. So it also paves the way to encash the potential of new disruptive businesses within the company itself.

All of us are aware that Google is one of the largest organizations which has consistently performed innovation and improved their services every day. If Area 120 is executed successfully, there are high chances of the next big things emerging in the start-up world from the one of the most familiar names in Internet, Google.

Article by Sudhanshu Ghosh
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