Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Your perfect Guide for taking Property decisions #MBwithyou

Very few TVC’s actually leave a long lasting impact on your heart and I recently came across one such video on YouTube (, it depicts a very cute and touching story of how a small kid tries to secretly find out a suitable home for his new friend a Squirrel.He faces some difficulties but ultimately gets one after getting expert’s help from his father himself in a surprising way which suited perfectly for the squirrel.

Well, this one was from, the name which instantly  comes to our mind whenever we are making buying decisions or analyzing the real estate industry online for a new home. Buying a property is one of the most crucial decisions, not only from the financial aspects but also emotionally. It is practically impossible for a person to be an expert in every possible field and so it becomes very important to get proper guidance on such significant decisions.

Apart from the various verified listings on their portal which can be filtered on different parameters including location, budget, property type etc; it also has a discussion forum  where people can ask their queries and get expert guidance on the same. Searching, shortlisting and selecting your new dream home may prove out to be a very troublesome process, but MagicBricks actually acts as your guide and is there with you at every step of this important journey. When they say ‘Property Sahi Milega Yahi’, it certainly carries a lot of weight from their proven expertise in the Indian Real Estate market. Also, it is justified by the massive feeling of belongingness that millions of home buyers have with MagicBricks whenever it comes to anything related to property.

There is a famous quote ‘In God we Trust, everyone else should bring Data’ and for the new generation smart decision makers, provides a lot of features like a comparison between different localities, price range, historical trends etc. It also has the comparative analysis of Demand/Supply ratio, ratings, nearby amenities in Google maps and a lot of other decision-making metrics and tools.

After watching the TVC and then going on their website, I could relate to the different ways in which I found some valuable details, insights and also finally a portal where I can raise my queries and concerns in front of the experts who can advise me on property buying. Moreover, it always feels great to have a homely name like MagicBricks in the form of an experienced guide showing you the correct way during the complex process of buying a new home.

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