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Why is Uttar Pradesh one of the fastest growing state?

Uttar Pradesh which was a laggard state once has now shown immense growth and development. It is now considered as one of the fastest growing states in India. This is possible only due to a change in infrastructure and industrial growth. The state administration has improved a lot since the past few years. The administration has set up various schemes that have made UP occupy a national position. UP has also become one of the global industrial hubs.

Source: Indicus Analytics
There are abundant resources available within the state that can help in the growth of the state. It is seen in the recent years how Uttar Pradesh has witnessed unparalleled growth and development. Uttar Pradesh can turn into one of the most attractive international industrial hubs that can attract business from all over the world. The state government is also responsible for UP’s growth as it is well aware of the capabilities and resources available with the state. The government is putting serious efforts so as to take UP on the global fronts.

The UP government has undertaken many developmental projects by constructing four-lane roads and bridges. It has also become an industrial hub for many businessmen and industrialists. The potential of Uttar Pradesh cannot be ascertained until the state displays its growth and development. The agricultural base is also expanded which becomes one of the most important sources of livelihood. Incentives and latest technologies are provided to the farmers to ensure an uplift of the agricultural base.

The infrastructural progress of the state shows the real progress and growth of the state. Swift progress of industries, trade and business relations enable the state to grow. The state is upgrading the energy infrastructure and is adopting solar energy to eliminate the difficulties that are faced due to unavailability of electricity. The Agra-Lucknow expressway has a few highlights that act as a proof for the development of Uttar Pradesh. It has been developed for easy facilitation of six-lane traffic. The maximum speed allowed is 120kph. Service centers, rest houses, petrol pumps, food courts are provided at regular intervals on the expressway.

The UP government has left no stone unturned. Uttar Pradesh is the first state to create a private sector franchise. Power has also been an important factor that will empower Uttar Pradesh. It is the role of the government to make Uttar Pradesh reach its great heights and we know that the government is capable enough to develop UP and make it one of the smartest states of India.

Article by Anisha Dutta
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