Saturday, 12 March 2016

Career: What’s the Rush?

“Oh, he’s got a perfect life!!” is an exclamation we often keep hearing about some person or the other all the time. Most often it is said in the context of the person’s financial status and his or her “Career graph”. Really, who the hell invented this word in the first place?! I would go back in time to distract this person from the thought process that led him to invent this little monster that has damaged the fabric of society.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the idea of being ambitious and getting a great job at Google. Hell, far from that. What I’m saying is that it’s given too much importance in Indian society and this malice starts from nowhere but your next door ‘Aunty’ who doesn’t have the decency to just mind her own business. I shall go no further than myself and would love to share my own struggle with this “Employee Manufacturing Business” that has been started by Indian parents ( I won’t specify the class because that is immaterial). I was brought up with one and only one aim in life. Get a job. Get a good job. Get a job that will enable you to start your family and show the society how much of a man you are. I was in so much confusion I forgot the idea of enjoying what I do. I loved history but got stuck doing science which itself was not an option, the world would end if I chose something I like!! So I somehow scraped through the course and signed into an engineering course as if on autopilot. I don’t blame my parents for this. I blame the guy who invented the word ‘career’.

Hardly did I know that it was okay to consider doing what I like. I also flunked two whole years in engineering to just figure out myself, read a lot and expand my horizons and I believe that counts a lot with respect to where I am headed towards…and that’s nowhere. I am headed nowhere!! It is something we lose perspective of while living out “Career plans”. It doesn’t mean I am a Hobo and I don’t work. I’m just saying that there’s so much more to life than just three streams of education and a rat race that began after that blighter coined that damned word!!

So it’s okay, it’s not a bad thing if you realized it after reading this article. Try to figure yourself out, you are God’s unique creation and he intended you to be more than just a Linkedin profile….

Article by Neel Katarnavare
Cinephile, part-time Writer and a Digital playground critic. 
He loves having good conversations and can be reached at
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