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Top 5 Eco-Eccentric Futuristic Cars

With the big brands pumping out metallic giants in the count of millions every year, the planet is now facing the threat choking on the excess. A paradigm-shift is in order. It is absolutely vital to now onwards keep a check on the extent of how the production is taxing the environment and to keep in mind the cost we might have to pay for living such extravagant and carefree lives in the near future. Hence, the need of the hour is bringing forth eco-friendly cars with futuristic technology where design-meets-green that uses alternate forms of fuel but at the same time do not compromise on the specs.

Here, I list 5 such futuristic cars that might just usher in the much need reforms and might forever change the world as we know it.

1. Mercedes Benz BIOME
Mercedes Benz is often at the forefront of car technologies and they have now even looked to completely change not just the cars themselves, but how they are actually made. The BIOME car, which was first revealed at the Los Angeles Design Challenge, is a completely unique idea that sees a car that rather than being manufactured completely on a production line, could instead be grown. Featuring natural materials, Mercedes Benz sees the BIOME as a possible future for the motor industry, utilizing the resources given off by nature in conjunction with the latest technology. The biggest feature is a specially grown material called Bio Fibre that is incredibly light but also super strong.

2. The HumVee Evo
This car is Italian designer Matteo Carniato’s answer to the future of all-terrain vehicles. It runs on fuel cells, making the car a eco-friendly, sustainable ride. Based on today’s Hummer, it is also classified as an amphibious vehicle because it can traverse over deep rivers and other bodies of water with ease.

3. Kia Pop
With car manufacturers increasingly looking at utilizing new types of technology to power their vehicles, to help combat global warming and in response to the limited supply of fossil fuels, one of the most important advances has come in the form of the electric car. Kia demonstrated their answer to the electric motor with the Kia Pop. With a distinctive design that would look more at home in a science-fiction movie, it features a lightweight design so that the vehicle can be more efficient. This allows the electric motor to travel almost 100 miles per charge, making it ideal for travelling in urban areas.

4. Ferrari Millenio
Who ever said that environmentally friendly cars couldn’t also tear up the road with their seriously smashing horsepower? Thankfully, for those of you out there who might want an environmentally friendly beast of a racecar in your garage, the Ferrari Millenio is a serious racing machine concept with impressive eco credentials. It’s powered by sunlight and a cleverly concealed charging apparatus. It’s the best of both worlds, and it could just be a gamechanger in the world of eco sportscar design.

5. Chevrolet EN-V
Kicking off our eco-friendly roundup is the Chevrolet EN-V .It is a concept car currently being worked on by General Motors in partnership with Segway and SAIC. It is suggested as the possible solution for the future, with the ever increasing population and the dearth of parking space. The EN-V would make travelling on busy roads simpler and would help alleviate the problem of overcrowding thanks to its small design.It is also eco-friendly thanks to small portable electric motors that power each of the two wheels independently.

Article by Rishibha Tuteja
Last minute Blogger, fangirl by profession. A Bibliophile by heart, Tech–Enthusiast by choice.
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