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Secrets to record breaking economic growth of Odisha

Odisha, a state in India situated along the coastline of Bay of Bengal is known for its ancient glory and modern endeavors. The entire state is divided into four distinct geographical regions. It is a home to ancient traditional culture. There are various ancient monuments and temples through which one can visualize the artistic and creative minds of the ancient workers. This was a brief idea on the cultural and historical background of Odisha. Let us now have some knowledge about the economy of Odisha, as well as its growth and development. Odisha’s capital city Bhubaneswar has been selected as the No.1 city in India to be developed as a smart city.

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Odisha has a broad institutional framework of Government that helps in industrial development. To achieve economic and social prosperity the government is trying hard to make Bhubaneswar a better city to live in. Industrialization along with industrial growth has been witnessed that is enhancing the growth potential of the city. Reduction of poverty has also been paid attention to, and various segments of the society are acting as a hallmark for its growth. Odisha is mainly an agriculture based economy that depends on irrigation facilities. Livelihood opportunities need to be improved and generation of employment should take place that will enhance the growth of Odisha.

The industrial base needs to be diversified so as to create new industrial policies, generate employment schemes, provide incentives, develop the tourism sector and promote manufacturing within the country itself. Large scales investments need to be done in order to facilitate business relations. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Development Policy, 2009 focused on key issues like credit, marketing, infrastructure and technology. The Odisha Export Policy-2014 has also been approved by government so as to facilitate export policies.

The state is a home to many steel and mining sectors that lead to an economic boosting of the state. Many industries have been set up which generate employment opportunities and increase the productivity level. Also in terms of energy efficient Odisha is supplying 24-hours power supply to the state. Odisha is also involved in energy conservation and utilizes the renewable sources of energy. Odisha is also improving the levels of higher education and is becoming a hub for higher education. The quality of education is also improved bringing in equity. State higher education council has also been formed so as to improve technical education and skill development.

Agriculture is also a prime source of livelihood as it adds a value of growth of Odisha. Horticulture missions have also been set up to boost production of fruits and vegetables. The government is also committed in providing affordable health care facilities and services. Mobile health units are also established so as to facilitate easy and on-time medical facility. Steps have been taken do promote tourism facilities that will attract tourists from all over the world. Empowerment of tribal communities consisting of women and children is also an important factor contributing towards economic growth of Odisha. Thus we see that Odisha has developed a lot through the years so as to promote itself in all the fields including industrial development, energy efficiency, higher education facilities, agriculture, health and medical facilities  and tourism sector as well.

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