Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Searching for the right doctor? Check out Credihealth

The best part of availing products or services online is that we get to choose from a lot of options and the reduced turn-around time makes it hassle-free. We get to take informed decisions based on the experiences of other users who have availed the services before. But when it comes to finding doctors, hospitals or specialized treatments, we have no other option but to rely for advice on our personal network which is often very limited. Recently I came across which not only helps you to find and compare doctors, hospitals in your respective areas but also guides you through the entire process of getting your treatment done with their in-house panel of expert doctors.

Credihealth has certainly simplified the entire treatment process by providing medical assistance to find the doctor and hospital catered for your personal requirements. You can simply search for doctors, hospitals, treatments present in the respective localities and the website or app displays a detailed search result. The profile of the doctors includes a lot of beneficial and decisive information like their qualification, years of experience, fees and the feedback received from the other patients. Moreover, you can compare up to three doctors and book your appointment online from Credihealth itself.

Similarly, you can choose from their vast network of more than 500+ hospitals in 10 cities across India and take decisions based on the various enlisted parameters like their services, specialties, doctors and more. You can even get the cost estimate for surgery from 3 hospitals, book an appointment and get expert guidance from Credihealth during the entire process of admission and discharge from the hospital.

Their blog section has numerous useful articles on health especially women's health including topics like postpartum depression, common breastfeeding questions and delivery stories. In addition to this, you will find inspiring cancer survivor stories that help create awareness among the readers.There are over 250 interviews with eminent doctors explaining their specialties and trends in their respective field.

It is really very impressive that they have more than 25000 doctors to choose from in their network. For a patient, this comprehensive database has simplified the process of finding the right doctor. No one wishes to visit a doctor but if we need to, then it becomes really important to get a reliable doctor and hospital as we cannot risk playing with the most important aspect of our lives,our Health. Credihealth can be definitely looked upon as a Credible Guide during this crucial process of finding the right medical treatment.

Article by Rohit Jha 

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