Saturday, 26 March 2016

Rocky Handsome Review: Is this rocky worth it?

Rocky Handsome is an official remake of the South Korean blockbuster movie The Man from nowhere, it was a much-anticipated movie since the director Nishikant Kamat’s last movie Drishyam had enthralled the audiences as well as the critics. Also, the name of the movie itself sounds exciting to the action lovers and the Bulky John Abraham playing the role suited perfectly.

The plot revolves around John Abraham (Kabir) who keeps up to himself, looks depressed and hardly talks. Then comes an unexpected friend to him, an 8-year-old girl-neighbor with whom he develops a bonding, may be due to the pain or agony that both of them have in their respective lives. Some series of events lead to the kidnap of the girl and now John comes back in action. The film depicts a nexus of drug mafia’s, child traffickers and organ harvester’s in Goa. The plot ultimately puts John against all of them during his efforts to bring back the girl.

The movie does keep suspense about the background of John in the first half, also, the revelation of his past justifies his present way of living or state of mind. But there are too many elements involved in that whole nexus of mafia’s, at a point it even appears confusing and almost all the gangsters in this movie are shown to be kind of psychopaths which even irritates you to some extent. Such a large number of things definitely disrupts the art of story-telling and reminds you to just focus on action scenes as an audience.

The USP of this film as we all expected is John and his fight sequences. This merciless killing machine carries the execution of so many goons flawlessly and the knife-fight sequences have been certainly the best in Bollywood till date. It becomes difficult to imagine any other actor carrying this role apart from John in Bollywood. Although John’s expression in this film proves to be monotonous, but the script demands the same.

 Needless to say, we should not compare Bollywood movies with International ones when it comes to action since they also have a corresponding budget, the frame of comparison lies with what has been made till date in Bollywood. Having set my expectations very clear from this movie, I found it to be average from the story point of view but definitely awesome for the action sequences and John himself.

Article by Rohit Jha

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