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Jai Gangaajal Movie Review, is the hype worth it?

It was around 13 years ago when Gangaajal movie was released and it left an impactful effect both for the director Prakash Jha as well as the lead Actor Ajay Devgan. Prakash Jha has been known for making movies which revolve  around the Political conditions and the nexus between the influential people in which the common man is usually the end sufferer.

Priyanka Chopra's 'Jai Gangaajal' opens poorly at the box office
Although the plot of this movie was kind of predictable from the trailers itself, the USP of this movie has been  Priyanka Chopra playing the lead cop ‘Abha Mathur’ this time as well as Jha himself debuting as an actor ‘Circle Singh’ who is Abha’s assistant. The Story revolves around how some political goons along with their chamchas in the police department exploit people; rapes, murders, and farmer suicides being common phenomena in the district. Under such circumstances, Abha  who is honest and fearless takes the role of Superintendent of Police.

The first half of the movie has some really applauding scenes where Priyanka bashes up people with tight slaps and lathis and it has been shown in a very natural way that it becomes easy to accept. Also, some humorous quotes and dialogues from Jha keep you entertained, even the goons are shown to have a great sense of humour and their names like Munna Mardani, Dabloo Singh is sufficient enough to make you smile.

The second half of the movie is quite intense and Jha comes into the forefront. There are some action sequences as well but they are not really extraordinary except for his slaps. When it comes to acting, each and every actor has performed brilliantly. Needless to say but the main weight bearers of this movie, Priyanka and Jha have given outstanding and memorable performances.

Although it is not a sequel to the original ‘Gangaajal’ movie, as an audience it is very natural to draw a comparison between the two movies. ’Jai Gangaajal’ is certainly not that great, but yes it is definitely much more entertaining than the previous one. After watching the movie, it becomes really difficult to imagine anyone else than Priyanka Chopra in the role of the Lady cop. Also, we tend to think that Jha should act in even more movies.

It is definitely, at least, a one-time watch.
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