Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Iceberg that sank the Titanic estimated to be to 100000 years old by the Scientists

According to a recent study by Grant Bigg, a professor at the Sheffield University, the giant iceberg that sank the unsinkable Titanic could have been the formed from the snow of glaciers near the southwest Greenland."We have a computer model for calculating the paths of an iceberg in any given year” as told by Bigg to The Sunday Times.

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It has been 100 years now, but researchers have been trying to dig deep into the reasons that caused this massive tragedy when Titanic sank and around 1517 people reportedly died. Significant clues were found back in 1986 when a manned submarine went to investigate the root cause and filmed the debris of Titanic which still lies in the Ocean Bed.


Findings by Bigg also convey that although the iceberg was 400 feet long and 100 feet above the ocean when it sank the Titanic, it was approximately 1,700 feet long when it initially started drifting into the sea. Also, the original size is estimated to be a gigantic 75 metric tonnes as compared to 1.5 metric tonnes when the tragedy happened.

These findings by Bigg would be presented at the Cambridge Science Festival revealing more secrets about one of the most researched tragedies in Human History.

Article by Rohit Jha
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