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How to smoothen the International Trade Relations

To explore the possibility of India’s exports, the international trade relations will have to be enhanced and business relations need to be improved. Economic partnerships are established to make the economy grow. Products like jewellery, textiles, clothing, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, electrical and electronic goods come under the export materials. The country is to be encouraged to manufacture a larger number of goods so as to increase the export. The exposure of Indian products to the global market is a must to facilitate trade relations.

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New innovative designs of various products must be introduced in the market that will increase business relations as well as increase the investments too. These new and creative products must be exported from India. A good product profile will automatically increase the marketing of those goods and would slowly capture the international market. A number of retailers are used that make the customers of their products. Moreover, if once the product is able to capture the international market then the demand for those goods will surely increase; also the market development will be on the rise.

The citizens of the country must be made aware of the International trade relations of India  and how important it is to facilitate business relations between various countries. Various seminars and programs are being organized that deals with the enhancement of international trade relations whose prime motive is to expand the Indian market to the global market. These seminars must be regularly held so that the export relations and its awareness are increased.

The importance of transparency in business relations is also necessary that will further be helpful in the trade relations. As per reports the world trade expanded only 2% in 2012. This slow growth rate is not very good news but still India can improve on this so as to facilitate trade relations and enhance the export facilities. These days getting into import and export business in India is not a difficult task. It is the role of global suppliers and customers to facilitate the business.

The new entrepreneurs must be motivated to enhance international trade facilities and export their products so as to make the future if India as bright as possible. Also due to lack of technology, credit and marketing skills all add up to low rate of export relations. The exports and their advantages must be listed and all industries may it be small , medium or large scale must be made aware so that they can expand their market.

Article by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. 
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