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How can riding a Bicycle give you Free Electricity?

For over a century people knew about the technology to generate power from the bicycles. This technology of generating power has existed over the years but it was a very confined concept without much dimensions and uses. But for humans this technological development has proved to be a great blessing and has game-changing applications. It was developed in 2015 at Manoj Bhargava’s laboratory with the help of the engineers. Manoj Bhargava, a billionaire philanthropist developed this technology where a bicycle is used to store and generate electricity. This technology uses the concept of transforming mechanical energy to electrical energy.

Philonthropist Manoj Bhargava launches electricity generating stationary bicycle in New Delhi on Friday. (Saumya Khandelwal/ HT Photo)
If the bicycle is pedaled for at least one hour then it has sufficient energy to generate electricity which can run the basic electrical amenities for 24 hours. Humans who do not have any source or access to electricity can use 25 LED bulbs, charge a phone or a tablet every day. Due to the theory of rotational energy of the cycles we get the electrical energy from it. The electricity that is generated by pedaling the bicycle is stored in a battery, where the battery can be used later for generating power for other electrical home appliances.

If this concept of power and electricity generation is implemented in full swing then it is our environment that will be benefited through the use of bicycle generated electricity. The exploitation of non renewable resources would reduce to a great extent thus generating a longer life span for these resources. Also this electricity generator bicycle shares nearly 70% of the same parts line pedals, gears, chains used in an ordinary bicycle. By March 2016, Manoj Bhargava has decided o set up its production plant in India. It is his hope that he can produce 1000 bicycle per day. This production would largely capture the Indian market thus motivating the Indians to adopt this technology.

Manoj Bhargava: Billions in Change Solution

Over 900,000 households in India lack the facility of electricity and over 32,227 villages have no electricity. Using this recent technology the government can contribute a lot towards the generation of electricity in the villages. These bicycles cost a slightly more than Rs.12,000. It is a smart yet a cheap technology. It is the responsibility of the government to establish these kinds of electricity facilities so that the poor can also avail the benefits of electricity. Here in India a large part of population is dwelling in the villages, so it is our responsibility to make them aware of this recent technology and surely the government should assist in making the villages a better place to live in. Though this method seems a bit challenging but it is not impossible also. If the government wants to uplift the poor sections of society then this technology can be one of the best ever implementations to generate electricity.

Article by Anisha Dutta
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