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Can driving a Hybrid Car save our Planet?

For a country like India with choked and jam packed city roads, hybrid cars are the best solution. Due to heavy traffic jams and painfully slow speeds hybrid vehicles are the ideal vehicles to be used. A country where clutch-brake-clutch is a default driving mode, hybrid cars are a solution which are more fuel efficient compared to other cars. Hybrid cars use the concept of regenerative braking system which stores and releases energy from the brakes applied.

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With this view in mind the government has planned to get 6 to 7 million hybrid cars on road by 2020. It will recognize the need of hybrid vehicle space. It is a national plan and goal to implement this objective so as to save energy and use more fuel efficient cars. The automobile manufacturers and engineering companies are advertising various models of hybrid cars so as to follow the norms and regulation so of the government. These automobile companies are being paid incentives by the government so that the concept of hybridization is enabled as fast as possible.

The government is offering incentives up to Rs.29,000 for bikes and Rs. 1.38 lakhs for cars.  These Eco-friendly vehicles are fuel efficient and will emit fewer amounts of smoke and carbon dioxide in the environment which will gradually reduce the problem of global warming. As we all know higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be very dangerous as we are the ones who are inhaling these pollutants. 30 percent of total oil consumption in India is consumed by the transport department itself. But with the introduction of hybrid cars this percentage level will gradually decrease.

These hybrid cars will also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions which are harmful for our environment. Hybrid kits are being developed by automobile companies that will help convert the passenger car into a hybrid car in less than one day. These battery operated hybrid cars are quite reasonable and cost around Rs.80,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakhs. This technology of hybrid cars needs to be spread across the world so as to implement it as soon as possible.

The automakers are starting to launch various types of hybrid cars in the market so as to attract customers and influence them to buy it. The market needs to be expanded in terms of hybrid cars. All the benefits of the hybrid cars must be told to the customers so that they are motivated to buy this car. Thus, if the hybrid cars are able to conquer the market and replace the old cars then there is still hope of making earth a better place to live in.

Article by Anisha Dutta
She is a content evangelist who believes that the Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. 
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