Monday, 29 February 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins his first Oscar award for The Revenant

Well, you might no more get a chance to create memes around Leonardo’s wait to get an Oscar award. The actor finally walked off the stage with the gold trophy of Academy Award for Best Actor in the movie ‘The Revenant’.

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The Actor has had 5 nominations for Oscar award till date, getting the prestigious award for DiCaprio was not only a much-anticipated event for him but also for his fans. The nomination for him was announced earlier this year in the month of January.

Leonardo, aged 41, has achieved so much in his life till date as Actor. In his Speech, he expressed his generosity and humility by thanking the various people involved in this film and also the people who have helped him reach this stage of his life. He concluded the speech by a powerful one-liner  ‘I do not take this for granted’ which brought about a huge applause from the crowd.

Talking about the movie ‘The Revenant’(2015), the plot revolves around the real story of legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass who sustained brutal injuries from a bear attack in 1823 during one of his expeditions in the wild and his hunting team leaves him for dead. It then progresses to his survival techniques which would finally lead him back to his family and the civilized world.

We would like to congratulate this much-deserved actor for this prestigious award and would like to see more of his outstanding performances in the years to come.
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