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Is Poverty the main cause of Corruption?

In India the problem of poverty exists since the time of independence and even before it, it is hugely widespread and such huge number of the population comes into this trap of poverty that it still has not been eradicated yet. Almost 40% of the entire population of India comes below the poverty line (BPL-below poverty line). Poverty is a condition or phenomena where people lack money or material things so as to satisfy their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. On the basis of income distribution, the poverty can be measured. Since India being a developing country the problem of poverty is a huge disadvantage for the growth of the country. The problem of equal distribution of wealth to all the sections of society poses a threat to poverty.

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In developing countries, it is a wide belief that poverty and corruption are interdependent; they are usually linked in numerous ways. Corruption has been a major hindrance to the social, economic and political growth of the country, trying to violate the norms and regulations of the society. Corruption is on a rise mainly due to the profit motive. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Corruption occurs due to the selfish motives of various sections of people. It is seen that corruption occurs mostly in the developing countries. In few countries like Nigeria, corruption is the major hindrance to the growth and development of the economy.

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To achieve rapid economic growth both the problems of corruption and poverty have to be eliminated. Corruption and various officials associated with these are always condemned but there is no one to take proper steps to eliminate this negativity. Various policies should be implemented in such a way so as to minimize corruption. The organizations and administrations have to be vigilant enough so as to reduce corruption to a considerable amount. Stringent actions must be taken in order to create a fear in the minds of the people even if they dare to think or implement corrupt practices. Due to corruption, the country is not growing and capital is not being generated and due to this reason, the problem of poverty persists and will persist in the upcoming years if proper rules and regulations are not implemented to curb corruption.

Since the government does not take proper actions people lose trust in them so it leaves a very bad effect on the economy. The Rate of generation of employment opportunities get reduced, foreign investors do not invest any more in that country due to which capital formation is considerably reduced, business operations stop functioning properly, financial markets are widely affected and many other factors are there which can affect the development of the nation. It is believed that higher the corruption rate, slower will be the economic growth and development of the country. Moral education should be provided to all sections of people so that they can, at least, think once before they indulge in corrupt practices. It is very necessary to implement proper actions and measures to increase the growth rate of the country by minimizing corrupt practices and eradicating the problem of poverty.

Article by Anisha Dutta
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