Monday, 1 February 2016

Google’s project SkyBender plans to beam 5G with the use of Solar Drones

Google is conducting tests in its secret project called as ‘SkyBender’ which would use millimeter based radio transmissions to beam 5G data up to 40 times faster than LTE as reported in The Guardian.

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These tests are being conducted at the New Mexico’s Spaceport authority in America using solar powered drones. Google is temporarily utilizing the 15,000 sq ft in the space terminal designed for the Virgin Galactic spaceflights. Google has also installed its dedicated flight control center in the Spaceflight Operations center apart from the terminal.

University of Washington Professor Jacques Rudell told Guardian that “The huge advantage of millimeter wave is access to new spectrum because the existing cellphone spectrum is overcrowded. It’s packed and there’s nowhere else to go.”

These high frequency millimeter waves which can transfer GBs of data every second have a much a shorter wave-length as compared to the current mobile signals. There has to be a lot more emphasis on Focused Transmissions as the current so-called Phased array is a very complex system as well as power consuming.

“It could underpin next generation 5G wireless internet access.”  told to  The Guardian.

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