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Movie review: Why to watch Ghayal Once Again?

Ghayal Once Again (2016) is the sequel to one of the most  Iconic revenge and action  dramas of Bollywood Ghayal (1990). Needless to say, the single most driving factor for the audience to the theatres till now has been Sunny Deol and the memories of its predecessor movie Ghayal. Even if you have not watched the original movie, I am sure that you might have heard the famous dialogues revolving around ‘Balwantraai’ which was played by the late legendary actor Amrish Puri and memes about his dogs. You can also get the feel of its prequel as it does contain snippets in flashback mode.

The story of Ghayal Once Again is less dramatic than Ghayal but I guess it is deliberately done to cater the newer generation audiences. Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) plays the role of a crusader who heads an institution to help the people  pained by the system or not given justice by the judiciary or the political institutions, Sunny carries the role in a serious way which justifies his image in the movie. There are a lot of action sequences  and Sunny Deol fans are going to be delighted by seeing various outcomes of his Dhaai Kilo ka Haath.

The plot also involves 4 youngsters who are great admirers of Ajay Mehra and are inspired by him. Some unfortunate incidence takes these college students into a big trouble and eventually makes a head-on collision between Ajay Mehra and Raj Bansal  played by Narendra Jha. Raj Bansal is a Business tycoon who is shown to have immense power in terms of  money or the influence over the political/judicial system. So, ultimately it again becomes a war between Ajay Mehra and the system as a whole.

Acting has been good from all the actors including the Kids, but once again Narendra Jha( Shahid Kapoor’s father in ‘Haider’) makes an impactful performance. He has carried on the role of a Business tycoon very well, displaying composure as well as aggression simultaneously.

This film has utilised a lot of graphic effects and yes it does make you proud if you live in Mumbai as the aerial view during one of the night shots makes it look like New York. Also, some of the astonishing fight sequences are made to look near to real.

Overall, it's a good entertainer with elements of Action, Drama and few elements of humour in the scenes involving great actors Manoj Joshi and Om Puri. Sunny Deol fans might have definitely watched by it now and those who want to get a gist of what the original Ghayal was, you should not miss Ghayal Once Again.

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