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Every stone tells a story

Every stone tells a story. You must be wondering how a stone can tell you a story. The answer to this is quite simple; India is a land of monuments which includes temples, monasteries and shrines which can stun you with the brilliance of their magnificent heritage. These monuments act as speaking stones telling us the stories related to their historical and architectural details. These monuments are an epitome of endless love depicting their historical importance. To mention a few monuments; like the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Ajanta Ellora caves, ruins of Nalanda University, Mysore Palace, Konark temple, Humayun’s tomb, Hawa Mahal, Buland Darwazaa at Fatehpur Sikri and many more; the list seems to be endless.

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A monument is usually constructed in the remembrance of a person or to mark any particular event that took place in history.

These monuments were created thousands of years ago and symbolize the historical details of it depicting information about the ancient world. Since India was under the control of British government, these monuments acted as a silent witness to India. Some details of few monuments have been provided which makes India a perfect place for tourism and has made Indian history worthwhile.

Also one can dive into the depths of Indian history through these magnificent structures. These structures provide lots of information about India’s past, its culture, religion, living styles, and people of the past, their heroic deeds, the wars and battles, kings and queens and many more.

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River in Agra, Delhi. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife. Employing a huge amount of labor and cost the Taj Mahal took 17 years to complete.

The Hawa Mahal

The Hawa Mahal is an important landmark in the Jaipur city. It is an epitome of the Rajputana architecture. It is much close to Rajasthan’s culture and is a blend of beauty and splendor.

The Mysore Palace

The Mysore Palace is a historical destination in the city of Mysore, Karnataka. It is a three-storied stone structure supported by tall pillars and surrounded by garden from all around. It is
said that it was the official residence of the Maharajas of Mysore.

The ruins of Nalanda University

The ruin of Nalanda University is situated in the state Bihar. It is believed to be a center of learning where students used to receive knowledge; it is said that Gautama Buddha has delivered lectures in this University. It is a magnificent structure depicting architectural and historical brilliance.

India is a land of historical monuments since time immemorial. It beholds the art and culture as well as the tradition of our country. This is clearly witnessed from the monuments and the temples that had been constructed thousands of years ago. Now it is the role of the citizens of the country to take proper care of every monument so as to preserve it for the coming years and giving the future generations an opportunity to know about our art and culture, heritage, historical landmarks.

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