Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Don't just target traditional MBA - Go Global

If you go and ask to any MBA aspirant of India about their targeted colleges, you will definitely hear S P Jain School of Global Management amongst their top priorities. With their Alumni placed in almost all of the Global MNC’s at high designations, students graduating from this premiere B-School enter in to a world of great opportunities in which their Alumni network also plays a huge role.

Image credit: SP Jain School of Global Management
In the last decade we did have various B-Schools which provided great placements to their students in India but as compared to Global B-Schools, Indian B-Schools did not find any place at a global level. It may be in terms of rankings, global exposure or opportunities. S P Jain School of Global Management, one of the pioneers in the field of management studies justified its role by adapting to the growing importance of Global Education so that future management leaders from India would sustain and excel in a business environment which is getting competitive as well as global day by day.

Well you might wonder why almost all the premiere B-Schools have their campuses in the financial capitals of their respective countries, the reason is students apart from their academics also gel up with the financial culture of those cities which is very important for them to imbibe in themselves to be a successful business leader. Aspiring students who are preparing for MBA abroad now have a very good chance to opt for Master of Global Business from S P Jain as they follow a unique tri-city model in which students spend 3 semesters of their course in the three different financial capitals of highly developed countries which includes Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. Also you save time and money as the Master course is for a duration of 16 months and the GMBA for 12 months as compared to the traditional MBA of 24 months. 

Well we often hear some complicated terms like Blended Learning or Engaged Discussions but have hardly seen it in practical implementation. S P Jain School of Global Management carrying forward its respectable legacy clearly practices all these terms with a proven methodology which includes Students Board Rooms, Decision-Making labs, Case Studies, Role Plays, Simulations, Global Immersion and various Industry Interface/Entrepreneurship Projects.

Finally as an Indian, it’s good to see some familiar name from India making to the list of top B-Schools globally and accredited by trustworthy names like Forbes, Financial Times, The Economist and many more. It can be checked at

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