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Do you know which are the Highest Paying sectors in India

There are various sectors functioning in India ranging from agricultural to technological. In the past few decades, the country has witnessed an immense growth in the IT (Information Technology) sector and it is the highest paying sector in India. This has been made possible due to the adoption of latest technology and switching over to new dimensions of technological advancement smoothly. The IT professionals and the Software Engineers working under the IT sector are the ones who are paid the highest compared to other sectors, as a recent study says. The median gross hourly salary for the IT sector is Rs. 346 whereas it is Rs. 254 for the manufacturing sector but, only 57.4 percent of the employees are satisfied with their pay.

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The Information Technology in India basically consists of two components i.e. the IT services and BPO’s (Business process outsourcing). Anyone with high technical skills is eligible to join an IT firm, the Information Technology has various aspects in which the work can be performed.Almost every industry has its own IT department; Therefore,    the intake of employees is also more compared  to other sectors. Being a growing industry, IT has taken in almost the entire youth population in its sector. Almost every second person is an IT professional working in an IT firm.    

The IT sector in India is considered to be an Evolving Industry these days. Also, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has initiated the concept of digital India and aims at making India a Digitized Nation in the coming years. It has been observed that the manufacturing companies in India are paid considerably less as compared to those Manufacturing sectors situated abroad.It is in India that the employees in the manufacturing industries are paid lesser as compared to the other sectors internally as well.

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Since the “Make in India” initiative has been stressed, it is very important to increase the payment of the workers in the manufacturing sector so as to encourage the employees to produce their own goods and generate revenue within the country.

The manufacturing sector needs to grow exponentially in order to achieve success. Compensation is the main factor that attracts the people to work for any industry. If both the IT sector and the manufacturing sector grow simultaneously then India will be at its great heights in a few years. The Information Technology has transformed India’s image completely, what is was a few decades back and what it is now is entirely different with respect to technological advancement. The IT sector has generated so many employment vacancies that the problem of unemployment has reduced to some extent.

In recent years, India is considered to be one of the largest exporters of IT, with the growth of the IT sector India has witnessed a considerable growth and development in terms of social, economic and political aspects.

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