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7 Gadgets You Wish Would Come Along With Your Car

With more and more cars rolling out of the factory gates with built-in Bluetooth and navigation systems, the market for in-car gadgetry should be drying up but there is still a wealth of interesting tech add-ons for your automobile.

Of course, one reason for this is that cars have a much longer life-cycle than gadgets. A four-year-old sat nav is a relic but a four-year-old car still almost new.

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In short, the more third party tech in your motor, the more up to date it’s likely to be. The following top car gadgets will augment your ride to help you find a destination, talk over a speakerphone, diagnose problems with your vehicle and enjoy your driving experience.

1. SuperTooth HD

This high-end hands-free speakerphone clips to the visor in your car and connects over Bluetooth. There are two speakers and two microphones on the SuperTooth HD to pick up what you say and play audio clearly. Voice recognition software enables you to set up the Bluetooth connection and receive calls with your voice. One plus: the device supports 12 languages, including Spanish and German. Buy Here

2. Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

Plugging the Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics device into the ODB port on your car can help you understand problems, but it's designed to do much more. Using the related mobile app, you can unlock or lock your car, pop the trunk, and even set a geo-fence that warns you when the car drives out of a predetermined area.

3. Alcoscence Digital Breathalyzer Lite

I’m not going to get into the argument about whether or not it’s wise to get behind the wheel after more than a glass of wine but I can still see the point of a gadget that lets you know where you stand vis-à-vis the long arm of the law.

The Alcosense Lite has two features that make it an attractive proposition (three if you include the low price ), namely re-usability and accuracy. This is maintained by the fact that it uses disposable blow tubes – which provide a controlled way of getting your breath samples to the sensor – and it has a self-clean function.

Better be preventive. You never know when cops (or to say Trouble) finds you. Buy Here

4. Kensington Proximo

Designed for business travelers who don't want to lose their phone, the Kensington Proximo also makes a great automobile add-on. Leave the sensor in your car, and you can locate where you parked using your Smartphone. Or, better yet, attach one to your car key ring so you will never lose them.

5. AC Schnitzer LCD Shift Knob

AC Schnitzer releases LCD-equipped shift knob. The LCD-equipped shift knob, its LCD let you know what gear the transmission is in. AC Schnitzer is planning to install the new shifter in its BMWs and MINIs, which are already loaded with eye candy so it makes sense. And I like its design!!

6. 12V In-Car Microwave

Travel a lot?? Here is what you need. The 12V In-Car Microwave let you heat up your fuel.  If you think of the reasons that you need a microwave in car, You can consider this. It is a portable In-Car microwave requiring only 175W via cigarette lighter socket. And it can also be used via the car battery (bad idea? I don't want to walk because no battery ).

Other features include the steel construction with heavy-duty handle, LED screen with touchscreen operation. Via In-Car Cigarette Plug Connection, heat up a pizza in 4 mins, a coffee in 6 mins.

7. Bodyguard 5-in-1

We live in a world where nothing is predictable. The  scale goes from Getting  robbed or being into an accident or the worst of all trapped inside someone’s car.  The Bodyguard 5-in-1 keychain emergency tool is a very cool emergency tool as the accessories of the car keychain, features a seat belt cutter and door glass breaker.

The Bodyguard also includes a sonic alarm, led flashlight, and distress flasher coz you never know when trouble finds you. Buy Here

Article by Rishibha Tuteja
Last minute Blogger, fangirl by profession. A Bibliophile by heart, Tech–Enthusiast by choice.

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