Wednesday, 20 January 2016

What to expect from the much anticipated Apple iPhone 7?

Apple iPhone 7 plus is eagerly anticipated to be released in first or the second week of September 2016, all of us know that iPhone is a widely used brand that has garnered record breaking sales with all the products it has so far released; With iPhone 7 expected to hit the market soon, it will not be a huge surprise it turns out to be a massive success, but the level of popularity can only be gauged only when its out for sale.

Apple has always been under the pressure of bringing new each time and living to the expectations of the users is also a big challenge. What has been one of the major parameters for Apple since its inception is its reliability and quality for value. The economists are of the view that until a product meets the customer expectations it will not meet the requisite quality standards, going by the definition Apple has always lived up to its customer’s expectations. One of the most popular feature of Apple is Siri, everyone is in awe of this feature which equally take your queries and fetches the desired results, it is a kind of interaction which is hassle free, but there is a long journey ahead because some people are still complaining that sometimes the Siri wrongly interprets may due to the difference in accents, and hopefully it will get sorted out very soon.

With loads of amazing features such as the one that allows users to lock their phones with their thumb impression so any intruder will not be able to stealthily use your phone without your permission. With the buzz everywhere Apple is going to launch iPhone 7 and 7s globally on two different dates. As rumored that it’s going to run on A10 processor that will have 6 cores whereas it is presently working on dual core. Also its going to go with the 2GB ram just as in last year. As was expected the more durable sapphire glass didn’t appear in case of iPhone 6 so it is anticipated that it will be present in iphone 7,also Apple is also rumored to have been contemplating to remove the home button only to make the screen size bigger but removing it altogether will require the thumb impression to be made either on the side or directly on the screen. But it is all speculative and there are no evidences to prove it till now.

iPhone 7 is expected to be more water durable than the previous models. Gesture pass-codes are very popular in Android so it is assumed it is going to be present in IOS platform as well. It goes beyond saying that the iPhone 7 will be powered by IOS 10 and it will therefore have all the necessary features and updates ,it was also expected that iPhone 6 will be introduced with the wireless charging unit but that didn’t happen so it is expected to be there in iPhone 7.

While no official news of the features by Apple, since Apple always keeps a suspense about the features, to keep us in awe with all the new integrated features. So let us see what happens when Apple is going to introduce its iPhone 7 and 7s.

Article by Prerna Sharma
A Computer Science Graduate by brain and a writer by heart. 
Prerna gels up technology and creativity to blog about what she loves.
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