Friday, 8 January 2016

Wearable technology can now Feel Emotions

The popularity of fitness and activity trackers has sparked thinking about the potential applications and possibilities for these wearable beyond physical health like the Sentio Solutions Feel. A prototype will be introduced at CES 2016 with a form that is comparable to many wearable trackers already on the market. However, what sets Feel apart is its ability to measure the wearer's emotions throughout the day and make suggestions to enhance or alleviate certain moods. To do this, Feel taps into bio-metric signals like the pulse, skin temperature and galvanic skin responses.

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If a user feels satisfaction after completing a workout, Feel records this data in order to provide solutions for negative feelings in the future. In addition to providing a comprehensive "emotional wellness plan" that includes meditation and breathing, the companion app also reminds users to "be active" or "laugh more" on occasions.

The idea is revolutionary that has sparked a new technological fervour that is now exceeding beyond limits.The people are now connecting themselves with technology that has built the competition among technological giants to bring something new in the market, however they also have to keep track of growing insecurities among the people where in we all know that with huge advancements in technology people have adopted lazy lifestyle that has led to physical insecurities that made people all the more attracted towards these fitness gadgets.

However still there needs a marked improvement since there have been many companies that have plunged into this zone but only the best will survive.With the tracking of emotions and stress levels of people a valuable prediction of daily fitness plan can be made by such a device that will embark the beginning of something innovative,new and has the potential of changing the way we look at life and how we value our emotional sensitiveness.

Article by Prerna Sharma
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