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Sixth Sense shaping up the New Era of Technology

Sixth sense technology was started off as a project by ‘Pranab Mistry’ who wanted us to have access to technology whenever and where ever possible and what can be more intriguing is you can actually project images, Google maps on the palms of our hands. There can be no doubt that it is highly innovative but it brings with it the technological fervor that has shaped how we think, innovate and create. The potential of such a project is immense that’s why it has all heads turned when it was first time introduced by Pranab at TED-India in 2009 till then it has finally conceptualized by the developer himself, interaction with the physical devices by gestures.

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At TED-India he started the discussion with how we cannot interact with the physical devices without the mouse and keyboard and just use hand gestures like in our daily routine we use a lot of hand gestures to interact with the real world. He was really interested with the mouse used to interact with the computers wherein the old mouse used to come with a roller, the roller movement used to guide where the cursor should be placed on the screen. So he worked on it for developing a hand gesture device made of 2 rollers.

After that he worked on connecting the real world sticky notes to our digital world and invented a paper input output device after he worked on developing a pen that can draw 3D diagrams and a physical Google map was the next experimentation, which made him to think and paint even a larger picture and thought projecting the digital world into the physical world. This way it led to create pinnacle of all technological developments by an Indian. The task was cumbersome but he bridged the gap and finally what we have is a jaw dropping byproduct that will showcase the height with which we can move forward to a digital era.

Now quickly giving an overview of the product is that it is a wearable gestural interface that forms an interface between the real and the digital world. This wearable interface comes with loads of features such as the map navigation that allows user to project the map on any nearby surface by using hand gestures and then a drawing feature allows the user to draw using user’s fingertip movements of the user’s index finger and also it has the ability to recognize hand gestures of the user such as it allows the user to click a photo by frame detection hand gesture.

Sixth sense technology has blown everybody’s mind, this is not only way beyond any imagination but also provides a wide scope of enhancement over the years to come.

Article by Prerna Sharma
A Computer Science Graduate by brain and a writer by heart. 
Prerna gels up technology and creativity to blog about what she loves.
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