Friday, 29 January 2016

Say Hello to your Personal Robot

Today the way with which technology is pacing is incredible there is no denying the fact that we are at the verge of technological revolution where everything is going to be digital.

The way we perceive everything is going to change and will be definitely be for the best since we are so much adapted to it that it makes it impossible for us to even think our existence to be possible without our gadgets. It has pretty much occupied everything from our day to day routine and to our lifestyle. From health sensitive watches to our task scheduler in our mobile phones I don’t think that we can never imagine a life without it and that makes us to appreciate people who led their lives in the prehistoric times must have been a tough call.

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And to top things off there is yet another invention that has made everyone talking about it well not keeping anymore suspense I’m talking about the Segways personal robot that has now taken technology to new heights. The collective collaboration of Segways,Intel and MI has made this revolution come true. This robot navigates, follow and is extensible and even comes with a developer kit with full SDK so giving opportunity to all of us to explore it ourselves in the journey to create something revolutionary, and other features include Intel RealSense RGB-D camera enables depth sensing. Great for development on object recognition, tracking and other cool projects. Control multiple motors to move the robot and see the world in different angles, while the robot is continuously self-balancing.

Multiple cameras and sensors enable Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. Track and follow makes it interesting to take out for a ride. Being able to connect to other smart hardware let you easily monitor your home and things you care. Open SDK on Android platform gives you much freedom in developing new applications. Microphone array let you send voice command to Segway robot from anywhere in the room. Intel Atom processor makes these applications possible. GPU acceleration is available for vision algorithms.

So with this it can offer a lot to the next generation to extend its features and make it even more interesting but for now it has garnered a lot of interest and there is a huge potential of this product in the market since its one of a kind very unique product with minimal competition. Hopefully it may receive an overwhelming response by the people and bring in something more exceptional after this.

Article by Prerna Sharma:
A Computer Science Graduate by brain and a writer by heart. 
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