Monday, 25 January 2016

Review of Influencer Marketing platforms in India- Fromote

Influencer Marketing is the new buzz word when it comes to Digital space and social media promotions. It has recently gained momentum globally in the past 3-4 years and penetrated significantly in to the Indian market during the year of 2015.

Influencer Marketing is the targeted marketing by Brands for their products using social media Influencers who have a dedicated and segmented loyal base of followers. It may be in the form of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube Subscribers or Google Plus followers. So a Mobile phone company may target a Technology blogger to review or write anything about their new product launches while a Beauty product company may target to use a Fashion Blogger/Reviewer.

It was quite difficult before for Influencers to get in touch with the Social media promotions of various brands as it was previously done pre-dominantly with the help of PR agencies and also the campaigns involved only the top notch Influencers in their respective niche areas. Well for emerging talents out there, platforms like can be a great opportunity to en-cash upon the popularity of their Blogs and other social media handles.

Well having tried it, I can say that ‘Fromote’ is very descriptive of the Brand campaigns that are currently active. You can easily select the promotions that as an Influencer you might be interested in, also you can check out the tentative budget of the entire campaign giving you an estimate of how much you might be compensated for promoting the products or services of the particular brands. The method of submitting the link of the work done by you is also very simple and even possible for not so technical Influencers.

Associating you with Brand promotions using ‘Fromote’ not only helps in getting rewarded for the work done but also increases the knowledge in terms of latest or upcoming Products/ Services from reputed Brands and also proves to be detrimental for showcasing your expertise or awareness about the latest happenings in your respective subject areas to your followers and ultimately increase your follower base and their affinity towards you.

Brands can very efficiently leverage the influence of various Social Media Influencers targeted and tailored for their respective campaigns. It can be a very handy platform for them minimizing their efforts to reach the right set of target audience on various social media handles using the respective Influencers.

Overall the two way process of applying for a campaign, doing the required promotion and getting compensated is extremely streamlined and hassle-free. Fromote is addressing a huge problem area of bridging the gap between Brands and Social media Influencers and so far have loved the way it works.

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