Thursday, 28 January 2016

Jaw dropping features makes the arrival of XIAOMI REDMI 5 even more welcoming

Finally with the official announcement of the release of the Xiaomi Redmi 5 it has gathered a lot of attention from the people, who were previously rooting for its product.What’s more thrilling is the release of the specifications which have obviously made a deep impact on its audiences.We are all very excited for it to hit the market since we were already taken aback by its features.

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Listing a few of the features such 16 MP camera,android lollipop ,processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and above all a 5.3 inch display and a 3030 mAH battery.There are even more surprises that will unleash after its launch but what is more unfathomable is the price ie.Rs.19,990 which brings just a bundle of joy for all of us.All this and a price that surely left all the technological giants nerve wracking because of the hype it has garnered with everyone anxiously awaiting it’s arrival sooner in the market.

With the record breaking sales just an year ago with the heart warming response had encouraged its founders to keep producing amazing products and has always been given a value for money.The main idea was to make something that is not only attracts but also keeps in mind that it is affordable so that even people doesn’t have to think twice before purchasing it.

Since people are now appreciating an effort to build something that can beat the big names in mobile phones but yet not too big on your pocket ,the love of technology is there for everyone but what matters is the price we have to pay for it and when it comes to money being honest we are very frugal so we collect money for years to buy something we wanted some years ago but with how fast technology is advancing so waiting for years to buy what you wanted so now this is something that is going to change everything.

Eagerly waiting for its arrival I hope it still surprises its customers and serves all that has been anticipated from it.

Article by Prerna Sharma
A Computer Science Graduate by brain and a writer by heart. 
Prerna gels up technology and creativity to blog about what she loves.
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