Monday, 4 January 2016

India welcomes back Maggi with a big bang #WelcomeBackMaggi

Cooking can always be very exhausting and tiresome, but cooking Maggi had become a delight for all of us out there.The ease with which the noodles could be prepared in just 2 minutes and the taste still brings nostalgic memories of my snack time or rightly said my Maggi break.

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People always loved it, but with the news of Maggi ban, everybody became dejected since their favorite meal time was being snatched away from them. People had always loved it, and to prove it is the fact that Maggi had become the most relevant, trusted, valuable food product over the past 32 years.

People now believed that they can never live back those precious memories of cooking Maggi with their near and dear ones. But the return of Maggi on the auspicious day of Diwali, it almost made everyone cheerful and not only the people ,but also the media was flooded with welcome back Maggi advertisements. There is no denying that Maggi is one of India’s most popular food product. But it’s popularity can be garnered from the fact that when Snapdeal put up 60,000 Maggi welcome kits,on sale was sold out in 5 mins.

Maggi was welcomed with alacrity and everybody gushed in every outlet to get back their joy of life, the enormous response of thousands of welcome kits of Maggi being sold out in nearly an hour with record breaking sales.The overwhelming response of the customers ensured Nestle, the maker of Maggi that the trust is still there. The 32 years of trust hasn’t been shattered but is still prevailing in the hearts of people who are overjoyed to dig into their favourite snack and they still say that their love for Maggi is immense.

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Since Maggi has cleared up the tests conducted on it from all the laboratories as being directed by the Mumbai high court, people’s trust is all the more strengthened. As they are always rooting for the assurance of the safety of the product,they knew that reports of it being adulterated were forged, since they had been consuming this snack for several years and had never had any health complaints, so they were all the more cheerful when the ban from Maggi was lifted and here we are welcoming our favorite snack.

Maggi is back with a bang, and this time it is here to stay longer or maybe forever. Can’t wait to have a dig into myself, explore the joy of eating once again in 2 minutes. #WelcomeBackMaggi ~via

Article by Prerna Sharma
A computer science graduate by brain and a  writer by heart.
Prerna gels up technology and creativity to blog about what she loves.

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