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Huawei's latest Smart Watches Elegant and Jewel designed for Women

With the trend of new smart watches brands this year every other company ranging from Big giants are developing their own smart watches but with nothing substantially new to offer, these companies are failing to attract audience and hence people have started losing lost interest. Innovation has always been the key facet for the growth of any product.

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People have been disappointed that most of the companies have nothing new to offer and so the craze is also getting almost over, but now with the revolutionary idea of targeting the women is the Huawei China launching the watch jewel and watch elegant selling early in 2016 for $599 and $499 with Google android software.

The Watch Jewel has 68 Swarovski Zirconia crystals surrounding its circular 42-mm body. The watch face is always on in low power mode and lights up into full activity when tapped. These watches are basically built to cater women with a feminine touch. With Huawei taking such a bold step in marketing let’s just wait to see what reaction it will gather from people specially women.

Technology has always shaped the life of people and now equipping elegance with technology is a unique idea that has embarked the beginning of new era where elegance is not indifferent to technology, and both of them could be clubbed together to give something extraordinary. Going by the look it is way more sophisticated and appears delicate with the embellishment with crystals and what better than crystals that can define the aura of women.

With this step is sure a trend setter and a head turning strategy, with the onset of its launch there has been a lot of buzz already and therefore I guess there will be huge response. With all said I think it will be wiser to wait and see what will be the outcome for this new revolutionary technology and only time will decide its fate.

Article by Prerna Sharma
A Computer Science Graduate by brain and a writer by heart. 
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