Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Forget Entanglements, Get Yourself these Cool Wireless Earbuds

With the evolution of wireless network, which we are all aware of using a Wifi at home is a daily routine. Bluetooth is another device that made revolution some years back and we are all wondering a day when everything would be wireless. All of are anxiously waiting for a moment when there will be a time that all the entanglements would be released.

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Frankly speaking the first thing that everyone wants to be wireless is Earphones, it was so frustrating that the wires could get entangled and then it was impossible to keep in a way that they would never get entangled, hence there were times when I even watched videos that were showing tricks to keep the wires so that they don’t get tangled. But still it was of no use because who has the time to pay attention to all that.

And with the news of the launch of wireless earphones it is just a relief for everyone out here,not only it has relieved us from worrying about the way to handle ear phones also made it more convenient to keep ,also it will relieve us from picturing us with ear phones dangling ,and it only gets better with just 2 ear pieces that will fit in your ears without any discomfort. I know the way the technology has shaped itself that our day to day problems are now getting sorted ,the time when technology and our thinking has joined hands it was seen some major advancements in 2015 and we are yet to see some more in 2016.

The wireless ear phones or the Truebuds are the smallest wireless earphones so far and a smart alternative to bulky headphones with a 6 hour battery life. Truebuds Co-Founder Eric Tsoi has claimed that they have outperformed their initial $50,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter to raise more than $370,000.With this they are taking pre orders and will hopefully deliver the orders by March. The fact that it has received such an enormous response even before making any delivery of the product is a testimony of the fact that it’s going to leave a indelible print in the history of marketing, and this is definitely something to look out for.

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A Computer Science Graduate by brain and a writer by heart. 
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