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Ever heard of a 3D model printing with just one click ?

With the immense study and research formlabs conceptualized their idea to invent something that goes beyond imagination. Almost four years they were skeptical about this idea and were reconsidering it altogether but they had a firm belief in themselves paving the path to this extraordinary and exceptionally brilliant concept.

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You might be thinking what I am talking about ,but some of us are already aware about it. This is formlabs 3D printer ,the 3D printer technology is based on simulating designs into a 3D models, this is something engaging and people are still in conundrum about the existence of it. The firsthand experience of using it has been made available by its founders online and believe me the video has definitely given the slightest details about it, not only the product looks all the more engaging but also the efforts says it all. Even after working day and night it was hard to bring about the final product. The 3D printer was brought about by the collaboration by various experts who devoted their knowledge from their respective field.

Now getting into the product details, formlabs 3D printer is built with the technique of stereolithography (SLA or Optical Fabrication) which is based on additive manufacturing which is used for creating 3D products, patterns in a layer by layer fashion using photopolymerization which depends on light for linking chains of molecules together forming a polymer. Formlabs form 2 3D printers includes a form 2 printer, resin tank, wiper, build platform, finish kit, pre-form software and a 1L cartridge of resin, with a one year warranty. The complete package is for $3499.The add-on materials consists of clear resin cartridge 1L $149,white resin cartridge 1L and white resin cartridge 1L for $149 , a touch resin cartridge for $175 as well as a castable resin cartridge 1l for $299 and a flexible resin cartridge 1L for $199.Accessories include form 2 resin tank of $59 and a form 2 build platform of $99.The full description is available on the official formlabs website, which contains all the information about the product.

3D printers are definitely working well for manufactures since the accuracy with which it can reproduce a components by graphical simulation is nearly perfect and has help a lot in mass manufacturing of products ,this will serve as a outbreak in the industry which can saves a lot of time and effort in conceptualizing designs. Well there is no doubt about its functionality but the acceptability has not surged in countries where labor is extensive and still tradition resides in its roots. So definitely it will take some time till the time it is globally accepted.

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