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Dig in to that Surreal experience while sitting in your room with Tempescope

With our imagination growing every day there is no end of what a human brain can innovate and surely there have been exceptionally challenging ideas which shows there is no end to thinking one of them is Tempescope, the name itself suggests that it has something to do with the temperature, but hang on a minute before you make any assumptions, as soon as you are going to dig deep into its characteristics, it is definitely going to blow your mind.

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Exceptionally brilliant idea of showing you the weather outside inside a small box in your room isn’t it amazing? What’s more intriguing is this little box can be carried anywhere and this can tell the weather outside visually ,or you can set it to any other place’s temperature, without the simple boring descriptions we get in our phones. This jaw dropping idea that many of us wondering how this was achieved. The Tempescope can be synced to your mobile phone with the help of an Android App. The first prototype was built by Ken in 2012 with the budget as low as $1 from shampoo bottles.

Again, one year later the product was developed after many successful public viewings, the creators have had held various crowd funding campaigns, but they were unsuccessful so we are still in talks when the distributors are going to sell it. However the product creators are still in doubts whether it is going to receive the much awaited response but we are still anticipating that it will receive its undue attention the moment it hits the market, where the release date is going to be speculated to be around April 2016.

Most our lives we wonder that what if we could be at a particular place to get visually enchanted by the most exhilarating experiences and this can also be a blessing in disguise for people who are not fortunate to experience the snow or other worldly phenomenon while sitting in their room, but with these soaring expectations can the Tempescope really give us that surreal experience.

There is no doubt that the uniqueness of this product has garnered a lot of attention and everyone has extolled the creator for attempting something extra ordinary but yet what cannot be ignored is that however it may sound the product is struggling to attract the masses since most of us still believe that experiences can only made by traveling and are not really enjoy a laid back time at home ,some of us are workaholics and are not bothered to get such experiences ,so as soon the solutions to all these problems are dealt with maybe then it can succeed and create a global outbreak, till then it is still a long way to go.

Article by Prerna Sharma
A Computer Science Graduate by brain and a writer by heart. 
Prerna gels up technology and creativity to blog about what she loves.
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