Monday, 30 November 2015

Snapdeal to launch its own advertising platform to boost sales for its sellers

One of Online market places leader in India Snapdeal is launching its own advertising platform for is sellers which would help to achieve higher sales.

This move will also prove out to be a key revenue stream for Snapdeal in future as more than 50% of Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba group comes from advertising revenues, also six months ago Flipkart had acquired Adiquity Technologies which was aimed at increasing advertising as core part of their Business.

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Currently the advertising Business is being dominated by Google and to some extent even Facebook, these strategic move from the E-commerce biggies would help them to reduce their dependence on other platforms as well as make it a major source of revenue for themselves.

Snapdeal plans to launch these advertising campaigns in phases, currently it is focussing on native ads and may go on to Banner and other ad formats in the later phases.

The way it works for the sellers is that they can target to show ads of their products on snapdeal depending on certain keywords and this would give them an advantage to showcase their product ahead of the competitors and ultimately increase the chances of selling.

The advertising tools will help our over-two lakh strong seller community simplify their business journey and boost overall revenue as more users discover their products said Chief Product Officer Anand Chandrasekaran.

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