Monday, 23 November 2015

Samsung’s Gear VR headset hits the Shelves,'Virtual Reality just got real'

Samsung has launched one of its ambitious products in the segment of Virtual reality products for Consumers with the association of a Virtual Reality Startup ‘Oculus’ (Now part of Facebook).

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Samsung’s first consumer VR headset the Gear VR officially went on sale on Friday for $100 online at pre-orders at Best Buy, Amazon and the official Samsung website. The new TVC depicts how simple and cool it is to use the latest product and enjoy the whole new world of virtual reality. Users can connect their Gear VR’s to their phones, put on the headphones and can watch or interact with 3D videos and games by moving their heads.

 The gadget can operate with Samsung’s latest phones: The Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy edge and Galaxy S6 edge. Also the latest version is lighter and cheaper than the previous version of the VR headset that was launched Samsung. Detailed specifications and features can be checked out from the official Samsung website Samsung Wearables.

Recently a lot of buzz and new products have been added in the virtual reality sector, seeing one of the largest and most dominant player like Samsung in the phone industry doing something with virtual reality just adds more to the appeal of Virtual reality world.

There are a bunch of more products which are supposed to be hitting the market like the Sony Play station VR expected to arrive in early 2016. But it would be certainly difficult to beat the price tag of 100$ that Samsung has already set.
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