Friday, 20 November 2015

Now you can save your Video messages and other great features on Skype's latest Android app

The latest Android version of Skype 6.11 App has been equipped with some great features which include saving your video messages in to your phones gallery, sharing images from your gallery, perform enhanced searches  manage your contacts notifications etc.

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Saving a video message would be a great feature to save and cherish your moments with your loved ones. Users just have to tap on a video message or a recording and save it directly in the phones gallery. It can also help in Video filters.

Users would also be able to share images from their galleries to a Skype group conversation; this much required feature was not available before. Similarly you can now forward Moji’s to others through a forward button directly.

Also the new enhanced search function enables users to search for specific contents from their conversations before in addition to the names of your contacts and groups. Also you can manage your conversations by flagging them as read, delete or mute future notifications.

This latest version definitely eases users experience and navigation across the most widely video calling and messaging platform used worldwide.

With this upgrade, Skype will definitely be successful in helping users to manage conversations, save video messages and perform enhanced searches in a better way.

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